BEG access control system

BEG Access Control






The new access control system developed by Beg allows the enabling of one or more car or floor calls through a system capable of managing multiple codes that can be entered from the numeric keypad or using badges or practical key-ring tags.










NFC tag

Using any type of NFC (near field contact) tag, it is possible to enable the pushbutton panel or make a call directly by placing the tag on the reader. It is thus possible to call the lift without having to press the call button.



Standalone version (for P32 series BEG panels)

  • Ease of assembly.
  • 24v power supply
  • Enable calls via CAN without the use of relays
  • Management of multiple codes or tags for each call
  • Possibility of enabling only certain floors or the entire car control panel
  • Management of up to 700 codes or tags.


Relay version (for all panels)

  • Ease of assembly.
  • 4v power supply
  • Call enabling with relay interface
  • Management of up to 700 codes or tags. – 8/16 relay outputs



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